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Baby & pet proofing your doors made easy!

Install in seconds without adhesives or tools. No more door damage! A simple alternative to indoor cat doors, doorway pet gates and baby gates.

Lock interior doors

DOORWING locks doors in a slightly open position (1.5 inch gap). Protect hands and tails from door slams, let fresh air through and keep babies, toddlers, cats and dogs out of unsafe rooms.


Let cats in, keep babies & dogs out of the cat room

DOORWING keeps babies and dogs out of the cat litter box and feeder. Adjust the door opening to a perfect cat-sized gap (up to 5 inches) to allow cats through the door, and keep kids and dogs out.


Portable door lock

DOORWING installs and removes in seconds. Move it from one door to another or take it with you anywhere you go. Includes soft rubber pads to protect door surfaces.

  • Unlocks from both sides

    Avoid accidental lock-ins by unlocking from both sides of the door.

  • Fits most doors & frames

    Adjust to doors 1.2 to 1.8 inches thick, and to door frames up to 8.5 inches wide. 

  • Door stopper mode

    Snap locking hook in to disable, and protect hands and tails from door slams, while keeping doors unlocked.

  • Adjust height for older siblings

    Give older siblings their freedom and privacy. Install as high or as low as needed for your family.

  • We are a small family owned company based in Canada. DOOWING was inspired by our two kids and launched in the summer of 2022.

  • We care deeply about preserving the environment for future generations and only use recyclable materials for packaging.

  • We are proud to support local factories and workers, and manufacture locally to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • DOORWING is for giving away, not throwing away. We designed and tested our product with top standards in mind to assure lasting durabilty.

  • DOORWING is a truly unique invention, fully patented and trademarked. There really is nothing else like it.